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Cravello Insurance Services Receives 2019 Best of Santa Maria Award


Cravello Insurance Services has been selected for the 2019 Best of Santa Maria Award in the Insurance Agency category by the Santa Maria Award Program.


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If you are approaching MEDICARE or Considering retirement,


When do I need to enroll in medicare?

What if I plan to keep working?

What if I took early social security?

What if my spouse is younger?

Do I need both parts of medicare?

Do I need a prescription plan?

What are Part C & D?

Do I need a supplement?

What if I have VA benefits?

When is open enrollment?

What if I have retirement benefits?

At what age am I eligible for medicare

There are always extenuating circumstances, so call me.              
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California has the largest elderly population in the country with 3.3 million residents age 65 or older. Nearly one in four California households are involved in care giving on some level. This huge financial and emotional burden is measured in out- of- pocket costs and lost work.

I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions about LONG TERM CARE! WHAT IT IS AND WHO PAYS FOR IT!


Long Term care is attention to the details of your well being by another person when you are unable to perform normal activities of daily living. This impairment may be physical or mental. 

We’re hearing more and more about facilities popping up to provide several levels of care, from independent living to total confinement and personal care. When shopping for an appropriate facility there are many issues that should be addressed. Here are a few

As seniors we have many decisions to consider. One such decision is whether or not to participate in "Part D" of medicare. It makes us a little crazy during "Open Enrollment"!

Only you know your health habits. Though we don’t have a crystal ball we can pretty much know whether or not we are prone to prescriptions.

Questons you may want to ask yourself are:

 One of the first questions I ask my prospective clients is “Are you taking any expensive, well-advertised medications?” One recent caller’s response was, I don’t understand that question, I have a $5 co-pay. The caller may only pay $5 co-pay but guess who’s paying the balance? We, the consumer, with higher premiums.

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