There are some important things you may need to know.

When shopping for a medicare supplement, be sure to read the booklet called Guide to Medicare mailed to you from Social Security which addresses this issue.

There are many companies and plans from which to choose.  For the most part these plans are standardized and regardess of the company you select the plan will mirror the same plan offered by a competitor.

Understanding how a medi-gap, or medicare supplement works can make your shopping trip a little easier.

As seniors we have many decisions to consider. One such decision is whether or not to participate in "Part D" of medicare. It makes us a little crazy during "Open Enrollment"!

Only you know your health habits. Though we don't have a crystal ball we can pretty much know whether or not we are prone to prescriptions.

Questons you may want to ask yourself are:

1. What is the cost of my drugs if any?

2. Are they generic?

3. How much is the premium for an Rx plan?

4. What are the co-pays for each Rx?

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