Do All Seniors Need a Drug Plan? »

As seniors we have many decisions to consider. One such decision is whether or not to participate in "Part D" of medicare. It makes us a little crazy during "Open Enrollment"!

Only you know your health habits. Though we don’t have a crystal ball we can pretty much know whether or not we are prone to prescriptions.

Questons you may want to ask yourself are:

1. What is the cost of my drugs if any?

2. Are they generic?

3. How much is the premium for an Rx plan?

4. What are the co-pays for each Rx?

Penalties will apply at 1% per month of the average national premium cost for every month not enrolled. THOUGHT! How many months of penalties will it take to be upside down? For example: Three years savings of $1,728 by not purchasing a PDP plan.

Although PDP (prescription drug plan) is part of the "Advantage Plan" family you will not necessarily be disenrolled from medicare when participating in a plan offerred by any insurance company.

However, there are always extenuating circumstances regarding advantage plans. Be cautions when entertaining these "Advantage Plans". If you have a PFFS, HMO, PPO or other alternative to original medicare it’s important to understand how they work. You could end up spending more out of pocket than a year of premiums for standard medicare supplement.

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